The No Profit Compilation MUSIC FOR THE EARTH Online Now!

The No Profit Compilation MUSIC FOR THE EARTH Online Now! rockers and other animals

Impatto Rock and Vault Lab present the compilation: MUSIC FOR THE EARTH


The initiative stems from the combination of the two Partneopeian musical-artistic collectives with the concrete desire to help and lend a hand to international realities such as Sea Shepard Global and Wild Life Victoria, associations that have always been committed to safeguarding our planet Earth.
All proceeds from the "Music For The Earth" compilation will be donated to the two associations for charity via the donation form on their websites. The collection method will take place through the Vault Lab bandcamp platform, which will then update the feed of its social media by informing bands and professionals on the donations that have taken place.
The compilation will cost 15 euros and will consist of about 20 or more songs, all proceeds (except the Bandcamp re-venues) will be donated to charity.
They took part in the compilation band from all over the globe, ranging from rock / metal genres to ambient and neofolk genres
Find below the list of bands that have confirmed and adhered to the proposal:
Jumpscare, Mind Terrorist, ROT, Ilmen, Evil Never Dies, Inbane, SqueamishFactory, Green Arrows, Red Riot, Hellucination, Bormanus, Promise Me Nothing, I AM 6, Eyelid, La Bottega Del Tempo A Vapore, Descent Into Malestrom and Killery
In the next few hours, the latest bands of the playlist will be loaded but you can already start enjoying it from now.

Music For The Earth Compilation: https://vaultlab.bandcamp.com/album/music-for-the-earth

For any other information, we remain available.

Vault Lab and Impatto Rock

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