The New Single "The Last In Line" Of The Band Flowerstones. When the losers become the winners

The New Single "The Last In Line" Of The Band Flowerstones

The band Flowerstones launches its latest single entitled "The Last In Line", a story that tells of the victory of the defeated.
After the debut with the EP "Flowerstones", released on March 21, 2019, and the release of the song "Dante's Tree-live @Container Audio Room" which took place on February 14, the Italian band launches the new single to symbolize the resumption of work after
the lock-down period that affected Italy, and above all, the artists and the world of show business operators all over.

The New Single "The Last In Line" Of The Band Flowerstones

"The Last In Line" is the journey through the feelings and emotions of a person who knows how to be kind to everyone, and who finds himself, however, to deal with who, this kindness, considers and exchanges it as a sign of weakness, arrogating the right to mock and exploit the victim.
The questions that creep into the mind of those who experience certain situations become many and often turn into a vehicle suitable for the darkest feelings such as anguish and anger.
Fortunately, fate, at times, knows how to avenge the weakest, through events that demonstrate the real value within the society of subjects who do not know how to appreciate the goodness of others but rather exploit it, and of the cowardice and fears that they face situations that require courage, such as in a battlefield, where the aforementioned would compete to win a place in the back row.

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