Deviate Damaen's Press release, The Grooms Keep On Their Knees, We Are Free Artists

The Deviate Damaen, as free Artists and proud bishops of an autochthonous conscience, softened everywhere by the ethno-masochist madness of the politically correct, stay with straight knees and, if they really want to stretch, they will raise their buttocks and make them howl.
We find vomiting the readiness with which entire artistic compartments are indulged in the pathetic "black lives matter" without a hurt blow, without a minimum of critical sense, without any sort of free will, and, above all, without having evaluated the hundreds of videos in which defenceless American citizens (including a disabled woman) are massacred and killed (yes, killed, because there is one confirmed dead, David Dorn, black and policeman, whose life is certainly not worth less than that of the multi-pronged man for whom all this circus has risen), just because of Caucasian appearances.

Justifying this wave of barbarism by legitimizing it as revenge for the conduct of an individual, with the devious intent of condemning anyone who vaguely resembles him to a media and physical lynching, is not only a generalized stun, it is not only made of the most modest lucidity of thought, it is not only one-way political propaganda based on deception and mystification megaphoned by the mainstream: it is first of all psychological blackmail forged by those who have the power to cut praise and food to all those who do not adapt.
It's totalitarian ignominy and supremacist fanaticism from "black power" of the fuck equipped with videos in which men and women do their best to kiss the amphibious filthy amphibians of 4 cavemen to tell the evolved West that that's his destiny (in inverted parts, you would have squawked like fattening geese).


On all this, we free, proud and self-sufficient artists will continue to fart as we have always done...and recorded.

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