Flat Earth new single "Neverhappy"

Flat Earth new single "Neverhappy"

The second single "Neverhappy" from the upcoming Flat Earth album is released 12 June 2020 on all streaming services. Lyric video premier on the Flat Earth YouTube channel 11 June 2020.


Heavy, melodic and passionate, Flat Earth is a hard rock band from Helsinki, Finland, founded by Ex-Amorphis bass player (Niclas Etelävuori) Ex-HIM guitarist (Linde Lindström) Ex-HIM drummer (Gas Lipstick) and Polanski singer (Anthony Pikkarainen). The band produces heavy riffs, blasting beats and cinematic chords that combine to create an unforgiving, passionate, and dynamic sound. The band's debut single ‘Blame’ premiered on Radio Rock in 2018, immediately gaining popularity, throughout Finland and the rest of Europe. The single Cyanide followed in the footsteps of the debut single, gaining public recognition and earning them a spot opening for ‘Alice in Chains’, in Helsinki. To date, they have over half a million streams on Spotify, alone.

Neverhappy (Official lyric video)
Video by: Mohsen "Stargazer" Fayazi @ StargazerMultimedia

"A song about people who don't ever let themselves be happy. Overwhelming negativity seems to be a goddamn culture these days, and poor are the ones who think life is about contemplating your own insignificant problems. I'm sure the simplicity of life has added greatly to this phenomenon- people are sick for not worrying about real life problems so they think they can elevate to have unrealistic expectations about their lives. Rightfully life will bring everyone of us to our knees sooner or later." - Anthony


Title: Neverhappy (4:32)
Music: Linde Lindström
Lyrics: Anthony Pikkarainen
Mixed by: Tim Palmer
Mastered by: James Bacon
Released by: Suur Etikett Inc.
Release date: 12 June 2020
Distribution: Sony Music Entertainment Finland


band photo (by AJ Savolainen)

Flat Earth is:

Anthony Pikkarainen - Vocals

Linde Lindström - Guitar

Gas Lipstick - Drums

Niclas Etelävuori - Bass


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