Stoakes Media announces The Isolation Sesssions Album and releases debut single featuring Burnt Out Wreck's Gary Moat

Stoakes Media announces The Isolation Sesssions Album and releases debut single featuring Burnt Out Wreck's Gary Moat

Here at STOAKES MEDIA over the past few months, we have been looking at the state of the current situation with dismay. The feeling of helplessness has been overwhelming. What can we do to help and support the fight against COVID 19? And then it came to us! We’re going to record an album.

THE ISOLATION SESSIONS is an album of re imagined songs. A collection of DANNY’s favourite songs, all reworked and recorded in isolation. From heavy metal to country, rock and roll to folk this is a huge cross section of music delivered in an entirely different style. Also, Danny has called upon a few friends and as such, the album features collaborations with the creme de la creme of the current rock scene.

It is no secret that Danny is a huge AC/DC fan, he has all their albums, all their films and it was on a particularly long drive home from a gig a few years ago, listening to AC/DC Live at Riverplate, that he had this idea: ‘What would AC/DC sound like if Oasis covered them?’ And the idea for this arrangement was born.  Add the incredible vocal talents of BURNT OUT WRECK frontman GARY MOAT and we were cooking with gas.


Danny explains ‘During the early stages of lockdown, I very quickly decided that we had to do something to help. I had the idea of recording some songs and asking a few people to play and sing on them. I knew I wanted to include ‘Rosie’ and Gary thankfully loved the idea. Burnt Out Wreck are a fantastic band and I’ve been a huge fan since they started back in 2016. After seeing him do a version of Highway to Hell I just knew I had to do this song and get him to sing it with me’


The album will be released in the summer with all money going to help fight against coronavirus.


Press Reactions so far:


“What an absolutely brilliant acoustic arrangement of this track! It's acoustic but with ALL the power of the original electric version. I have a huge amount of anticipation for the full album!”  -  Rock Today


“I love the track! Gary Moat, wow, what a voice! Songs in isolation… Excellent!” Colly D, Surrey Hills Radio


"Loved the track"  - The Median Man


“Really like the acoustic take. Not every day someone gives a good creative take on a popularised song”  ACDCfans.net

For more information or Interview opportunities;


Contact Danny at Stoakes Media


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