Alligator’, a new clip from Belgian rockband A Bear Called Panda

‘Alligator’ is the new video from  of Belgian rockers A Bear Called Panda. ‘Alligator’ is one of the 14 great rock songs from the debut album released late last year. It is the second clip the band launches in full corona crisis. Earlier, at the end of March, ‘Destruction’ featured on Facebook. “As a band we are eager to bring our music live to a crowd. This is not possible now so we hope to bring them musical entertainment to the people with our videos.”




A Bear Called Panda is a band that makes uplifting rock. In terms of genre, the last two singles are somewhat reminiscent of the female version of the successful Belgian band Triggerfinger. The strong choruses, rousing guitar riffs and powerful voice of frontlady Xindi make for a strong rock cocktail.ù



Live, the band is a six-pack with two lead singers, supplemented by the great organist Dan. After a whole series of cancellations in recent months for obvious reasons A Bear Called Panda hopes to be able to make something of the summer concerts. “Even with mouth masks on if necessary. But like everyone else, we can only hope for the best. In the meantime, stay healthy, enjoy our new clip and don't let the virus bite you. Unless it’s called rock and roll. ”









DA WEI - guitars, backing vocals
XINDI - lead & backing vocals
XTOF B. - bass
YU HAN - drums, backing vocals
MALU MALU - lead & backing vocals





















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