First news about Ivory Moon's new album

The new Ivory Moon Album titled "Lunar Gateway" will be available from October 02 via Volcano Records & Promotion in digital version on all major streaming and online shopping platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, iTunes and Amazon Music.

Mastery in combining orchestral sounds and metal matrices: this is what awaits us with "Lunar Gataway". Ivory Moon's fourth work, mixed and mastered at Temple of Noise studios in Rome, will represent the milestone of their appreciated career, thanks to their commitment in the search for a renewed and modern sound.

Here is unveiled both the tracklist of "Lunar Gateway" and the artwork, created by Sergio Giardo, designer of the science fiction comics series Nathan Never:

1. Human Greed
2. Here We Are
3. Man With a Face
4. Darkside-The Angel of the Night
5. Astaroth
6. Breath
7. Vampire Blood
8. Loch Ness - The Legend of the Lake
9. The Dominion Saga
10. The Game of Life

Genre: Symphonic Metal, Prog-Hard Metal
Similar Artists: Nightwish, Amaranth, Within Temptation

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