Leftover Bullets, second video for "Wasted Silence"

Leftover Bullets, second video, Wasted Silence, rockers and other animals

2 days before the official release of the 2nd work of Leftover Bullets "Tell mama we're doing OK" by "Sold out music", the band releases a new video clip entitled "Wasted Silence", the 2nd of their new album! ("Confused" video preceded it months ago)
The video is signed by the Picson directorial team, with director Nick Lominatze at the back, delivering maybe the best LB video ever!
Excellent photo quality, riveting shots, effects and theatrical characters, based on the meaning of the lyrics, the first song of the album Wasted Silence, takes flesh and blood, feeds fan's brain and leaves huge promises for the album and the evolution of the group!

Direction / visual effects / edited: Picson
Actors: Eva Pavlidou and Leftover Bullets
Makeup: Maria Damianaki
Produced by Picson

Sponsored by: "STORACT" storage systems, "ANESIS" handcrafted furniture, "MAVROMOUSTAKIS" music stores, "PIRATES" Rock bar, "ODONTOSYNTHESI" Dental laboratory,“DIATROFIKI AGOGI” Tsioudas Thanasis, "ARABATZIS" Cash and carry.
Special thanks to Anastasia Simeonidou, Giannis Bourtzis, Sandy Dimitriadou and Leftover Bullets fan club

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