"Liver", the new Hellcome lyric video

The new lyric video of Hellcome! entitled "Liver" is now available for viewing. The song is extracted from the album "Good Friends, Bad Company" to be released next May 22 via Volcano Records & Promotion, in digital version on all major online buying and streaming platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, iTunes and Amazon Music.

"Liver" is a dedication of unrequited love to your liver. A no-holds-barred debate between the protagonist and his important internal organ: enemies-friends with a past of great joys and as much suffering behind them. A story of hate and love that sees as protagonist a man unaware of having brought to exhaustion his wretched companion of adventures, who responds to declarations of love with ignoble and bilious words. A quarrel that leads to the separation of the two characters whose end is sanctioned by a funeral chorus "Goodbye, liver, goodbye...".

Genre: Thrash Metal, Rock 'n' Roll
Similar artists: Panther; Motorhead; Volbeat

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