"What Are We Going To Do With These? " The Hypergear Ep is finally available!

The Hypergear album titled "What Are We Going To Do With These? (Suffering: A Guide for Empathy)" is now available via Volcano Records & Promotion, in digital version on all major online buying and streaming platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, iTunes and Amazon Music.

"What Are We Going To Do With These? (Suffering: A Guide for Empathy)" is an EP composed by three very different songs: it opens the dances "Aftershine [3rd Zone]". , a song deals with the theme of revenge between electronic nuances and sound experimentations; it follows "Sober". , composition with which the band speaks to us about suffering and pain with a slow and melancholic rhythm; closes the circle "Person". an introspective journey that reflects on the raw human nature.

To anticipate the release of the album the band has released in recent months several content, including the lyric video of "Sober" which we recommend viewing.

Genre: Rock, Electronic, Indie
Similar Artists: Muse, The 1975, Nothing but Thieves

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