Sadist's lead singer Trevor talks about his personal experience with Covid 19

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I've been waiting all this time because I was terribly scared... Yes, scared of an invisible enemy, capable of invading your body and mind. On March 10th I had my first fever and for six days I had to live with feverish attacks, exhaustion and severe pain throughout my body, especially in my head, which for a few days kept me awake. On March 16th the situation was not the same and, together with my doctor, I made the decision to call 112. After a few minutes the ambulance was at my house, it was sad to leave but I was sure that at that moment it was for me and my loved ones the wisest decision. I arrived at the emergency room in Genoa early in the morning, the waiting room, the corridors and the surrounding areas were full of people with the same symptoms as me. There were stretchers and a lot of confusion everywhere, elderly people screaming and asking for help... Believe me, it was not easy at all and it would be stupid to tell lies or minimize the circumstances now. I was very afraid: not knowing the disease and not knowing where they are taking you are terrible feelings. That damn Monday, March 16th, they stopped me in the hospital and put me under observation, waiting for the result of the now infamous coronavirus swab. Endless and distressing days, made less heavy only by the gentle manners and availability of these angels from the lane, in this sad circumstance disguised as aliens. I will NEVER stop thanking them all: doctors, nurses, OSS and cleaning staff are human beings who love their work insanely, people who are totally dedicated to their fellow man and always manage to do it with a smile. In a couple of days, despite the positive outcome of Covid19 and thanks to the antiviral therapy, the situation improved slightly: the fever had disappeared together with the severe headache. After eight days of hospitalization I finally returned home, with my family, to complete the quarantine in my Roussillon in Vallestura, still scared but happy. Today my thoughts go out to all those people who unfortunately lost their lives because of this terrible virus, in the hope that it may reach those who are still struggling. I recommend you: if you have any doubts about your health, do not hesitate for a moment to get in touch with those who have to, do not neglect any sign of your body. Let's be patient, we will return to normal, I hope conscious of the fact that all the things that normally appear "small" to us are instead our life and build it every day. I love you!

Stay Brutal \m/


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