VAULT LAB: Collaboration with ITALIAN CHAMPIONSHIP Wrestling.

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The partnership between the association "Vault Lab" and the Italian independent wrestling federation "Italian Championship Wrestling" has been formalized for a few hours.


The partnership was born by pure chance from the guys of Vault Lab, already fans and followers of the federation based in Lodi.


“It seemed right to us to propose such a collaboration with one of the longest-lived federations of Italian soil, which brought wrestling to our territory when (in 2001) it was founded. Wrestling and heavy metal have very similar attitudes on the underground and independent level, the difficulties to carry on these passions are in both cases difficult. But union is strength, and this collaboration with a federation as important as the ICW makes us proud and honors us. " So declares the president of the Vault Lab association, Graziano Ciccarelli.


 He continues by declaring: "In America we have had over the years several federations that have embraced this type of collaboration such as WWE / F with the Motorhead, who composed the soundtrack for the superstar Triple H, AlterBridge for Edge while the strongest example is from the Misfits who also joined the WCW wrestler in the ring. Far be it from me to approach certain names that have made the history of metal / rock / punk music, but in our own small way we want to make our contribution to the Italian wrestling community and re-propose the situations I have just mentioned within our reach. I want to thank all the ICW staff who believed in us, and I hope that this partnership can made to reach form both of us grea things, the guys know what they are doing and we will surely see and hear beautiful things that will come out of this collaboration.”


 The projects that took part in this partnership are Jumpscare, R.O.T. and Killery, then extending collaborations to all groups under the Vault Lab wing, the newly formed Neapolitan non-profit association that deals with the promotion and dissemination of music in the Campania region, born in April 2018.


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