First news on Our Pond's debut EP

The debut EP of Our Pond titled "Paraphernalia" will be available from next May 29th via Volcano Records & Promotion in digital version on all major streaming and online shopping platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, iTunes and Amazon Music.

"Paraphernalia" means paraphernalia, equipment. This term refers to the medium that the band has chosen to convey their music to you: short poetic compositions called Haiku. Born from a Japanese culture and written by Our Pond in Italian, these stories are used to evoke atmospheres that will leave you speechless.

Here is unveiled the tracklist of "Paraphernalia":

1. Antirrhinum Majus
2. 3000 Eyes
3. Girly Party
4. Flight
5. Millie

Genre: Math-Rock, Instrumental Math-Rock, Progressive
Similar Artists: Chon, Covet, Totorro

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