"Pain&Victory", Heirs of Fire's debut album is finally available

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Heirs of Fire's debut album titled "Pain&Victory" is now available via Volcano Records & Promotion, in digital version on all major online streaming and purchasing platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, iTunes and Amazon Music.

In a frame of captivating riffs, engaging rhythms and emotional voices is born the first album by Heirs of Fire entitled "Pain&Victory". Nature is told through an anthropological journey in which each track represents an exploration of the existential experience. A sound that burns like fire making light on the shadows of the soul.

To anticipate the release of the album the band has released in recent months several contents, including the video of "Pain&Victory" which we recommend viewing!

"Pain&Victory" Official Video:

Genre: Metal, Alternative Metal
Similar artists: System Of A Down, Three Days Grace, Disturbed

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