EXESS : New album release in May

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The Swiss based band EXESS will release their debut album via Fastball Music in May, 2020. The album is called "Deus Ex Machina" and includes nine amazing genre-blending songs from different metal styles.

Vocalist Céline demonstrates her wide range of emotions from epic choruses to fragile slow tunes with a solid foundation of arrangements being composed by drummer Alan and guitarist Front for most of the songs, musical skills of the band members and a powerful production, which always supports the song and never overexposures for the sake of loudness.

"Deus Ex Machina" is a musical journey exploring the history and extenting the boundaries of common metal as a genre and is not afraid of playing with almost harsh, deep & dark emotions, pop-metal like melodies and progressive as well as classic tunes and arrangements.

Songs like the epic "Chrysalis" and "Pay No Mind" seem to take all these aspects and combine them into one piece of musical art, so you never can expect what comes next with each new song, while staying true to a unique style. The listener can feel the enthusiam of the band in every second of each song which surely will transform into an even more powerful live performance on stage.

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