MAAHES signs with MDD Records; NEW album this summer

MAAHES signs with MDD Records; NEW album this summer, rockers an other animals

A stone chamber. Smell of mould, sand and age. Darkness, torches, fading artwork on the walls. Steps lead deeper into the stone. 3000km away from the Valley of the Kings, in 2015 a band have set themselves the tasks to merge the atmosphere of ancient Egypt musically into a classic Black Metal fundament. Under the banner of the lion-headed god MAAHES (the lord of darkness, winds and slaughter) they stepped out of the catacombs and with a unique stage show they have already been guests at festivals like the Wolfszeit or the Ragnarök Festival.

In 2020 it is now time to unleash the result of their work so far on mankind as a stunning concept album. The parchment which MDD Records has on hand testifies that this album will be released this year. Be prepared!


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