Age of Emergence: Release Second Single/Lyric Video Stone Cold Icarus from upcoming EP The War Within Ourselves

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Australian Progressive Metal/Hard Rock band Age of Emergence released the second single and lyric video, Stone Cold Icarus, from their upcoming EP The War Within Ourselves. The EP release is planned for 27 March 2020. The War Within Ourselves follows their first act EP, Plea for a Dying World, which the band released in February 2017. The EP can be pre-ordered via Bandcamp. On 4 April, the band was planning to embark on their first tour Smoking the Universe. The tour has now postponed due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The band plans now to reschedule the tour to the end of the year.

The bands states: "'The War Within ourselves' is the culmination of a years work with new drummer Benn Baxter. It is a reflection or reaction to the current world landscape. We dive deep into the human psyche when humanity is in turmoil due to climate change."

Age of Emergence are:
Dean Holmes - Bass & Vocals
Matt Neilson - Guitar & Vocals
Benn Baxter - Drums

Age of Emergence formed in the Australian Newcastle region in 2013 by ex-Shambhala members Dean Holmes and Allan Hofer. They teamed up with Order of the Dragon guitarist Matt Neilson. After many free form jam sessions, a set of originals began to take shape. Home recording started and after much practice and tweaking sounds and equipment the first demo was released on Soundcloud. After a year of gigging locally the band recorded their first EP in 2017 and now in 2020 follows up with the new release The War Within Ourselves.



1 Stone Cold Icarus
2 Wake the Beast
3 Your Kingdom Dies
4 Ascender
5 Two Halves


Preorder your copy of the digital album at Bandcamp here.


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