On line "Sect of Faceless" video from REVERBER

Is now online new video for the song "Sect of Faceless" from the Reverber italian thrash metal band.




Neo-slavery, austerity, mass control, shock economy. People believe that there’s a hidden sect, a faceless and nameless elite who can manage our lives. But it’s an illusion: it is all black on white, what we don’t see is only our addiction to a system based on consumption and image, a world of colored lights where people are blind, a torture garden where we love to abandon ourselves to oblivion of slaughter.”




Recorded, mixed and mastered by Stefano Morabito 16th Cellar Studios


Video by Simone Serafini Mastema Agency


Art & Layout by Remy Cooper Headsplit Design



Reverber line up




Marco Mitraja- Rhythm guitar & vocals


Alessio Alessandretti- Lead guitar


Emanuele Evangelista- Bass


Alessio Stazi- Drums








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