MDD CLASSIC: Unleashed and Grave official reissues

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March 27th will be a good day for the fans of three absolute Death Metal classics, which for some years now are only available on record fairs, as second-hand goods, through complicated distribution channels or even only as high-priced import CDs.

Under the exclusive license of Century Media, MDD Records will bring the albums "Shadows In The Deep" and "Victory" by UNLEASHED as well as the legendary "You'll Never See" by GRAVE back to the shelves of retailers worldwide at affordable prices!

The two Unleashed albums will also include 6 live bonus tracks each: "Live in Katowice 1995" and "Live in Vienna 1993“. Check out a dealer of your choice or order in advance at the MDD Shop, where all 3 albums are also available as a bundle for 29,99!

// Orders AMZN //
Grave - You'll Never See https://amzn.to/2SBdRiM
Unleashed - Shadows Of The Deep https://amzn.to/39GqsHh
Unleashed - Victory https://amzn.to/2P7gVBg

// Pre Orders at MDD //
3 CD Package - http://mdd-records.de/mddclassicpack
Unleashed - Shadows http://mdd-records.de/unleashed-shadows
Unleashed - Victory http://mdd-records.de//unleashed-victory
Grave - You'll Never See http://mdd-records.de/grave


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