Redeye Caravan - "Good Man Richard" official video

Redeye Caravan - "Good Man Richard" official video]

"Good Man Richard" song from "Nostrum Remedium" album, by Redeye Caravan. Music by Akis Kosmidis, lyrics by Valantis Dafkos, orchestration by Panos Makoulis. Recorded and Produced at Saint George studio (Agios Georgios Viotias, Greece) by Panos Makoulis. Video Clip by Panos Makoulis (fb: Nostrum Remedium LP is available online via Bandcamp, find it here:

Redeye Caravan is a Dark Country band from Levadia city, Greece. The Caravan is: Akis Kosmidis (vocals, acoustic guitar), Valantis Dafkos (vocals, bass), Panos Makoulis (electric, slide, acoustic guitars, keys, vocals), Eleni Paraskevopoulou (vocals), Stefanos Strogylis (harmonica), Thanos Giamarelos (violin), Paris Gatsios (drums, percussion).

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