SHOCKPROOF: Italian metallers debut second single from the upcoming album "The Will The Reason and The Wire"

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Rome's veteran metallers SHOCKPROOF have released the second single, "Lonely Song for the Silent Brave", from their third album "The Will The Reason and The Wire", which will be released the 6th March 2020 via Time To Kill Records.

"Lonely Song for the Silent Brave" is now streaming.

The album pre-orders are still available here: https://shockproof-ttk.bandcamp.com/

The band comment:

"The record takes a look at the intimate sphere and at the reality that surrounds us: vices and virtues of today's society, mystification of what is right and what is wrong, life experiences, both dramatic and happy. The background to these themes are the moon and water, essential elements for those who live on this planet; the power of will can be strong, the will pounding, so many 'good' reasons and convictions but, without a common thread, a wire, (that even if invisible, is always present in everyone's life, just like the moon and the sea) nothing good can be achieved. On the contrary, even in the face of strong or sad events in life, a wire helps us to orient ourselves in our steps and enjoy life for what it is: a path to always face and fill at best. 
9 tracks that find representation in the cover illustrated by Matteo Vattani (Sergio Bonelli, Disney, Netflix): a paw that with fury plunges into the water, the paw of a cerberus (reference to the three-headed monster already present in the second album 'More Broken Chains', and symbol of the band), from which lava comes out. A threatening image, but probably not what it seems. 
The sound is always the one dear to ShockProof, from thrash metal to old school metal, but the band's research has sought a more personal evolution where rhythmic violence clashes and merges with the harmonies and melodies of guitars and vocals. 
'The Will The Reason and The Wire' is a relentless race in the meanders of everyone's experience in search of an aggressiveness and anger that can be triggers for a life lived fully and in the best way.
The record is dedicated to Matteo Fontana, Tiziano Andreozzi who left us too soon and Giuseppe Girolamo, who lost his life, like so many other human beings at sea just trying to do the right thing".

SHOCKPROOF, metal, single , album , The Will The Reason and The Wire, rockers and other animals, news


01. Lazes and Fractures
02. Clever people
03. Reversal
04. Raise
05. The Fact 
06. N. I. M. N. 
07. Mover
08. Dogma Free United
09. The Endless Wire
10. Lonely Song for the Silent Brave



Riccardo “Conte” Romani - Vocals, Bass
Andrea “Ghandi” Gandin - Guitar
Leopoldo Russo Ceccotti - Drums


"Fighting Bad Times" (2015)
"More Broken Chains" (2018)
"The Will The Reason and The Wire" (2020)



Time To Kill Records


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