Skeletons Released Their Debut Music Video

The Egyptian psychedelic/funk fusion group, Skeletons, released their debut music video for their first track, "Ostinato" 

In regards to its composition, Omar Ashour (founder) expressed he was experimenting with a different approach: "Ostinato was basically an afterthought while working on a different approach to my songwriting, where I was trying to set Arabic poetry to song. I had to scratch my head a few times while trying to fit the stanzas of a poem into phrases which made sense musically. What seemed to fit was a 5-bar musical phrase instead of the traditional, Western 4-bar phrase. I wanted to have a sort of instrumental introduction to the song, so I started working out an arrangement for synthesizers, strings, and horns to create a gradual build-up. Eventually, this section took on a life of its own and so it became its own piece."

You can listen to "Ostinato" now through their SoundCloud.

Omar goes on to clarify where the song's name comes from: "I was thinking a lot about creation as a larger concept while working out these ideas. There is a mysterious and elusive power in the act of creation. The motor-like repetitions of the various lines in Ostinato, which is where the name comes from, give rise to the idea of the whole being greater than the sum-of-the-parts. The individual parts in the arrangement are perhaps too simple and uninteresting, especially with so many repetitions. However, when they are all heard together, something more interesting happens within the flow of the piece." 

Also, Ashour explained how the percussive elements shaped his song: "percussionist Amr el-Zanaty certainly took the piece into a deeper space. The driving frame drum, or deff, as well as the tabla serve as a backdrop to some sort of ancient ritual, something which might be found in the folkloric Egyptian ceremony known as the Zar. Sounds arrive at first from seemingly far-off, unidentified places, followed by a great build-up. The percussion elements drive this through to an eventual climax once the guitar hits. I personally feel there is a transcendental quality here."

The band is working now on a new single set to be released during this month. Stay tuned!

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