ARCADIA: new band join Rock On roster

ROCK ON AGENCY is pleased to announce a new band of its roster.

The Hard-Rock/Power Rock band ARCADIA becomes part of the great Rock On Agency family and is keen to share the debut album "Hands of Time.


Arcadia project was born in 2016 in North Italy.
The genre proposed by the young formation is defined by critics as a sound straddling English-speaking hard'n’heavy and seasoned melodic rock, but with an appeal modern and in step with the times. 

The group shared the stage with several national and international artists such as: Blaze Bayley, Vinnie Moore, Secret Sphere, Kee Marcello and many others. 

After several line-up changes in September 2019, the first Arcadia album "Hands of Time" was released via Sheratan Records.

"Hands Of Time" album is a journey through the years of metal music. You can listen so many sub-genres from Heavy Metal to Symphonic Metal. There are also 3 min songs and 9 min songs! and one of this is a kind of "Metal Opera".

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