Deviate Damaen, "BUON MAIALE!" ...waiting for Sanremo...

BUON MAIALE!, Deviate Damaen, metal, italian metal, rockers and other animals, news

On the occasion of the Holy Christmas, the Deviate Damaen had in mind to publish a new single with which to present the new formation and above all to inaugurate the new creative course which, after the composed doom majesty of "In Sanctitate, Benignitatis Non Miseretur!", is eager to find again "glam" intemperances and not only.

But then why has Christmas passed and the piece hasn't been seen? Because in the meantime the opportunity to unhook it in conjunction with the Sanremo Festival has become too juicy, which has reduced itself to a maze of rap and radical chic regime radical exoticism and needs a nice "Canonical Purgation".

BUON MAIALE!, Deviate Damaen, metal, italian metal, rockers and other animals, news

In the recent (and controversial) interviews on Metalitalia and Il Primato Nazionale (and soon one on Sdangher 2.0) we've extensively expressed our attitude to shit that petal and understated conformism that so many good goats of the so-called "metal" world are pampering and defending, maybe in the vain hope of begging some more attention, while the last historical retailers are definitely closing their doors to make room for Rastafarians and various kebbabs

So it's time to play again, giving sublime breath to our sphincters and voice to the ass of the little girl who played with us on the rag in question entitled "Buon Maiale!", with which we will entertain you for the entire duration of the Festival and of which, for now, we leave you cover and very first poetic verses.
<<Buon Maiale and good wine to those who come with the camel. Merry Christmas and good crib to those who take mosques for churches; to those who go to St. Peter's Square and the muezzin is brought along, to those who arrive with the boat to pay our pension>>.


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