INNO: dark metallers feat. current/former members of FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE, HOUR OF PENANCE, THE FORESHADOWING and NOVEMBRE sign to Time To Kill Records!

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Italian dark metal outfit INNO have joined forces with Time To Kill Records for the release of their debut album in early 2020.


Emerging out of the Roman metal scene in 2017, INNO was founded by four veterans with the aim to create something that would differ from their past experiences within the metal world. 

After spending a few months exploring their dormant influences, INNO came to shape a dark, doomy, heavy and progressive sound akin to eclectic acts such as Katatonia and The Gathering.

Their first album was produced by the band and mixed by Marco Mastrobuono and Giuseppe Orlando in Rome.

The effort will see the light of day in the first months of 2020. Watch out for more news and audio previews in the weeks ahead!


Elisabetta Marchetti (ex Stormlord, ex Riti Occulti) - Vocals, Piano, Acoustic Guitar
Cristiano Trionfera (ex Fleshgod Apocalypse) - Rhythm and Lead Guitar
Marco Mastrobuono (Hour Of Penance, Coffin Birth) - Bass
Giuseppe Orlando (ex Novembre, The Foreshadowing, Airlines of Terror) - Drums and Percussion




Time To Kill Records


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