Temple Renegade have released their very first music video

Friday the 15th of November 2019, Dutch band Temple Renegade have releasedcarrie their very first music video. 
The song you'll hear is called “Somewhere The Vulture”. It is taken from the upcoming album ‘The All Is None’.  

Here is the quote for the press release; please have this included in your press release when you spread the news about the video:
"Somewhere The Vulture, like our album The All Is None, takes us into the theme of the Ouroboros. As we reflect on the rise and fall of one’s own ambitions and how our actions propel us forward in this cycle, the vulture, keeps a watchful eye on us and represents both the grim reaper, who is waiting for us when we fail, as much as the next person wanting to break free from our tyranny. The tail is being eaten so to speak”  Temple Renegade

The Temple Renegade album ‘The All Is None’ will be released on November 22nd, 2019.  


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