Deviate Damaen enlist NEW CHITARRISTS

Deviate Damaen enlist NEW CHITARRISTS for the line-up for the next album: we are not interested in technique or experience (of which we are saturated thanks to the sumptuous collaborations); we are looking for cool and uninhibited people, willing to try their hand at timbral and compositional auras ranging from electronic to classical, from metal to goth, from dance to noise, from dodecaphonic to folk and punk. People who want to invent music from nothing. People who don't care about politically correct bullshit and who are aware of being part of the most facinorous, brazen and experimental band of the Italian scene.
The only caveat is to find out "ex ante" about our resume before coming to get rid of the "ex post" dick because of some statement about that or that interview of 1901 or some cruise-ferrous brooch combined with peas in the air on some photos or videos.


And this is the last review, in order of time, on the newly released album, "In Sanctitate, Benignitatis Non Miseretur!"


The band is scattered throughout Europe, so the area of residence is irrelevant for the technical purposes of composition and recording. If you are interested please contact the facebook profile of Annabelle Grafenberg Baciardi or write directly to the band or e-mail



Deviate Damaen - "Sacre Gesta Cavalcano Il Metallo"

(Official video 2019)

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