Semblant: announced 2 dates in Italy

Semblant: announced 2 dates in Italy

Rock On Agency & Vain Productions are pleased to present 2 Italian shows that will be part of the upcoming European tour of the Dark / Gothic band Semblant, in April 2020.
Active since 2008, Brazilians have already established themselves among the most representative groups of their kind in their country; it is therefore time to show what they are capable of in Europe.
Leader of the Mizuho Lin group, which alternates with the voice with Sergio Mazul, creating an engaging couple and an atmosphere with alternating rhythms for a high involvement of the spectator.

Here are the Italian dates:
Saturday 18-04 - Rome - Traffic Live Club
Sunday 19-04 - Rovellasca (Como) - Dedolor Music Headquarter

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