Amornero: "Nuvole nel vento" is officially out

Amornero: "Nuvole nel vento" is officially out

After "La fata del miele" (2015) and the eponymous EP "Amornero" (2018), rock/blues band Amornero released "Nuvole nel vento" on all digital platforms.
Some words about "Nuvole nel vento":

"Often the songs are born in unexpected ways: just a few words on a bitter melodic idea to unleash a whirlwind of memories, experiences, emotions, which somehow merge with each other and grow to take on one and a thousand meanings. And at a certain point you realize that what you wrote is nothing but the simplest and most basic form of modern music, one of the points from which everything started: the blues, so simple and free, as pure and intense in describing and letting live strong emotions"

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Direction and editing: Zen Bang Production

Texts and music: Franco Alberganti and Amornero

Produced by: Franco Alberganti and Amornero

Mix & Master: Streamlake Studio

Amornero project was born in 2015 from an idea by Fabio Pedolazzi, former drummer of Matt Cadillac & The Shoots.

The hard work of composing pieces and rehearsals led the band to enter the recording studio, where in November 2015 they released their first album entitled "La fata del miele", a mini EP of three tracks, released on the label independent VDM Records, followed by the official video of the single "La fata del miele".
At the beginning of 2016 the band decided to stop, due to various musical commitments of each member…. until it reaches the beginning of 2017, when Fabio, decides to revive the project, completely changing training and giving a new look to Amornero. The research was carried out on experienced musicians who are already accustomed to immerse themselves in unpublished projects ... The idea is to combine the Italian cantato with more international sounds, ranging from rock to blues, to funky, to hard rock, always trying to give a personal touch and the right amount of modernity to the pieces, searching for certain types of sounds and solutions to keep up with today's times.
New Amornero are formed by Emanuele Lamorte (vocals), Frank Alberganti (guitar and choirs), Francesco Occhipinti (bass and synth) and Fabio Pedolazzi (drums). In October 2017, the band enters Streamlake Studio for the realization of the second official EP titled "Amornero", released May 11th 2018 digitally and May 25th 2018 in all the Feltrinelli record and circuit stores, for the Native Division Records.

Line up:

Emanuele Lamorte - Voice

Frank Alberganti: Guitar and Choirs

Francesco Occhipinti: Bass and Synth

Fabio Pedolazzi: Drums and Percussion


Sara Fou: Voice

Paolo Anchisi: Sax



Web links:
Live Booking: vd.managment@gmail.com / 388-7829250

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