GOATBURNER: Finnish noisemongers feat. members of Rotten Sound and Ratface premiere new album "Extreme Conditions" at Toilet Ov Hell

Today Finnish noisemongers GOATBURNER, featuring Keijo Niinimaa (ROTTEN SOUND, MORBID EVILS, AGE OF WOE) and Jaakko Forsman (RATFACE, SKULMAGOT), premiere their debut album "Extreme Conditions" at heavily trafficked web-portal Toilet Ov Hell!

The album is scheduled for release on September 27th via Time To Kill Records (CD and LP). Struggle no more and simply submit to the band's salacious onslaught HERE!


In the past few weeks No Clean Singing premiered the single "Vortex of Chaos" HERE, while the band's video for the song "Drowned Alive" was premiered via the official media partners listed below:


Grimm Gent (BE / NL)

Deaf Forever (DE)

Power Of Metal (DK)

Rock Hard (GR)

Friedhof (ES)

Kronos Mortus (HU)

Metalitalia (IT)

Kvlt (PL)

Echoes And Dust (UK)


"Extreme Conditions" goes through the weather of today, with such unpredictability, that one could not forecast the next riff, tempo, drum beat or lyrical pattern. While the debut EP "Time to Burn" might have sounded almost uplifting at times, "Extreme Conditions" focuses on the negative and disturbing sides of the chaotic forces of nature we have to live in today. It grabs the listener with such power from the introductory "Dead Alert" to closing track "Wave of Doom", that the one does not even realize, how quickly the 33 minutes of mayhem passes while listening to it.

The album has been mastered by Jaime Gomez at Orgone Studios (PARADISE LOST, GRAVE MIASMA, HOODED MENACE) and features artwork by Arif Rot & Rotworks.


01. Dead Alert

02. Time to Burn

03. Mayhem

04. Drowned Alive

05. Violent Redeemer

06. Vortex of Chaos

07. Frozen Grounds

08. Get Sick and Die

09. Blown Away

10. Wave of Doom


GOATBURNER, formed in 2017 and featuring Keijo Niinimaa (ROTTEN SOUND, MORBID EVILS, AGE OF WOE) and Jaakko Forsman (RATFACE, SKULMAGOT), create a caustic atmosphere somewhere between massive sludge and frantic high-speed thrashing.


The band is currently booking a European tour for November 12th to November 30th. All booking requests should be sent to:


Spider (Jaakko Forsman) – drums

Kaos (Keijo Niinimaa) – guitar, vocals
Watch for new music samples, tour updates and more news on other upcoming GOATBURNER activities to be posted shortly.






Time To Kill Records



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