KAT - New upcoming video and Judas Priest’ “Electric Eye” live at Cover Festival

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Polish Hard Rock Metal pioneer band KAT, after the release of the album “Without Looking Back”, the 11th of its career, on 14th June 2019, via Pure Steel Records, on CD and on Double Vinyl limited edition, is currently  working on the second music video.


Bassist Adam "Harris" Jasiński has given this animation space without adding any more details.
We remember that the first single and video taken from the album is "Flying Fire".

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KAT are:
Qbek Weigel– vocal
Piotr Luczyk – guitar
Mariusz Prętkiewicz – drums
Adam "Harris" Jasiński - bass

Waiting for the new and upcoming video, we can watch the band during the performance at the Cover Festival 2017 of Judas Priest’ “Electric Eye”.

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