Belgium's VON DETTA Advance Stream 'BURN IT CLEAN' Album Premiere @ Riff Relevant

Belgium's VON DETTA Advance 'BURN IT CLEAN' Full-Stream Album Premiere at Riff Relevant! Out Sept. 13 on Polderrecords.

Belgium's VON DETTA Advance 'BURN IT CLEAN' Full-Stream Album Premiere at Riff Relevant! Out Sept. 13 on Polderrecords.

VON DETTA premieres their upcoming release 'Burn It Clean' from Polderrecords! Hear the full album in advance at RIFF RELEVANT.

"While the band’s sound spans across genres from stoner rock to a more polished hard rock, back into softer heavy blues, then dives into menacing grunge and full-throttle vocal realms, the music never seems disjointed or half-hearted. ...it’s simply solid songwriting that takes itself where it wants to go." - Riff Relevant
Hailing from Ghent, Belgium, VON DETTA started out in 2013, as a riff based groove quintet. While celebrating their love for old school rock ‘n roll, the 2016 EP ‘Exit Grand Piano’ release came soon after, as the band’s first piece of recorded work.

Life as it comes forced the band to reshuffle the deck. While working on new material, the essential foundations of the band started to shake. Now with a new vocalist, VON DETTA are dealing out a stacked new hand. Their second release ‘Burn It Clean’ is all about five distinct pieces falling nicely together as one.

The first single "Devil's Child" was released in an official video to introduce 'Burn It Clean'. With their pure and powerful rock, VON DETTA are serving the groove and saluting the melody. It’s a trip down memory lane to throw your mind back towards the gritty sounds of the 90s. The band’s subtle influences of that era are seasoned with a twisted, modern feel to create their individual sound.

To make things clean, one must burn away the filth... with ‘Burn It Clean’, VON DETTA are set to release an EP to captivate your musical senses and stir up the groove. Being both raw and elegant, rough and sublime, ‘Burn It Clean’ comes with a soulful lasting echo. The six songs are one rip-roaring episode after another straight from each the band members' lives. A soundtrack reminiscent of the battles of between your inner angels and demons.
'Burn It Clean' Tracklist:

01. Reach Out
02. Thanks For Your Time
03. Devil's Child
04. Little Man Big World
05. The Vault
06. Masterplan

Limited Edition 12" Vinyl Release will be on high quality 180g vinyl pressed in Belgium, with a hand-numbered, 350g heavyweight matte cover jacket and black inner sleeves. All copies come in reusable poly bag with label sticker and include digital download code.

– 25 copies White/Black (Die Hard Edition)
– 100 copies White (Band and Label exclusive)
– 175 copies standard black

Also available on CD in limited digipack edition of 500 copies, and all major streaming platforms.
'Burn It Clean' releases September 13th from Polderrecords. Pre-order now:


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