THE FANTASTIC TERRORS – Empty Refrigerator Sunday – new single…+Official Music Video

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The Fantastic Terrors released their 7" debut record, including two songs titled "The Yodeler " and "Empty Refrigerator Sunday", and they present the Official Music Video of the song "Empty Refrigerator Sunday".
A modern and inventive video, characteristic of the particular point of view of The Fantastic Terrors.
Released by Ikaros Records

Recording / Mixing: John Mcris in Soudflakes Studios, Athens, Greece
Video produced by Rocketfilm Productions
Director of photography: Romnick Palo,
Art director: Georgette Momparak,
Camera operator: Borja Sanchez,
Prop master: Antigoni Valakou,
Producer assistant: Anastasia Daferera
Filmed in July 2019 in Marousi, Greece


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