MEGERA - The Perfect Tree's new single between rock and world music

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After the debut in 2018, the Turin trio The Perfect Tree returns to the scene, combining in a personal and evocative way, Anglo-Saxon rock with exotic sounds and world music. Volcano Records will release next July 12 "Crown Of Shyness", the second chapter of the band's record that from July 2 makes available on YouTube the single "Megera (The Crone From Next Door)", a deep emotional journey and sensory poles, in which the Piedmontese ensemble harmonizes with the search for melody always alive and surprising, an inspired and imaginative text that accompanies the listening in the meanders of an intriguing composition. The Perfect Tree are among the most experimental and suggestive projects in the roster of Volcano, looking at cultured references and sources of inspiration of quality, between Police and Peter Gabriel, which make listening to the new "Megera (The Crone From Next Door)" an enriching and exciting experience in the scenario too often flattened and repetitive of emerging rock bands.




The Perfect Tree - “Megera (The Crone From Next Door)”

Official Lyric Video

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