DPERD reveal cover and tracklist of new album "Allein"

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Just over 100 days to 27 September 2019, the date on which My Kingdom Music will release "Allein" new album by Sicilian DPERD.

Here is the cover (photo taken by label boss Francesco Palumbo) and the official tracklist:
1. Alien
2. Ricordiami Di Ribellarmi
3. Non è facile
4. No Way
5. Sono Sola
6. Tu Sei Non Normale
7. Sveglia
8. L'Ansia D'Esser Vivo
9. Come Nel Far West
10. Bipolare
11. Un Giorno Dopo L'Altro (Luigi Tenco cover - Bonus Track)

The album, recorded, mixed and mastered by Gaetano Fontanazza at his Pseudo Studio, is a new, delicate, intimate and evocative creature, the sixth of their almost twenty-year career, entitled "Allein".
Once again Carlo and Valeria explore their souls in a contamination between Dark Wave and a modern melancholic Dark Rock with a very cinematic atmosphere. The Cure, Cocteau Twins but also Dead Can Dance, Lycia, Cranes and the Italian classical tradition are present in their music giving the whole a superb sense of beauty all interpreted in a magnificent way by the voice of Valeria.

An instrumental version of the album limited to 33 copies will accompany the CD to those who order it from the My Kingdom Music store

Welcome to their journey through the scenarios and emotions of "Allein".

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