Red Phoenix, The New Album By Marco Borghi

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The new album by guitarist Marco Borghi entitled "Red Phoenix" is now available in digital version on all major streaming platforms and online shopping, such as Spotify, iTunes and Amazon Music.

"Red Phoenix" represents for the guitarist and composer the closing of a circle, conclusion of a concept started with the previous studio work "Icy Phoenix". With these songs, the artist wants to reproduce the elements he loved most, in a record in which the technique is the background to the search for the melody as an expression of human emotions through the wide breath left to all the instruments of the composition.

The release of "Red Phoenix" has been anticipated by several contents, including the video of "My name is Liar".

Genre: Metal, Instrumental Metal, Nu Metal

Similar artists: Andy James, Jason Richardson


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Marco Borghi “My Name Is Liar” - Official Video

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