Killery, Debut Album "Ready For Apocalypse" Out Now!

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Killery debut with a complete 100% self released and self produced album ready to smash the underground scene.
One of the best groups on the Brazilian underground thrash metal scene, Killery has already received acclaim  great feedbacks from fans and professionals.
Formed in 2016 in the city of São Luís, Maranhão, Killery, is a Thrash metal band with groove, death and progressive metal influences.

Their first album, an independent production, was recorded between the KM4 studio and KIllery Studios in São Luís. The band has just consolidated their collaboration with the renowned artist Caio Caldas (Dragonforce, Doro, Paul Di Anno, etc.). Recently was  their collaboration with the newly formed Vault Lab Recordings from Italy.
The songs cover various themes from human coexistence, such as politics, violence, religion, fears and psychosocial disorders. Winners of the Brazilian battle of the bands.

"Ready for Apocalypse" is now available on all digital platforms while the video of the single "Fuck You All" is available on youtube!
To stay updatedon their activities, we invite you to follow the official channels!


Line Up:
Arthur L. – guitar
Daniel Pereira – vocal
Gabriel Burgos – drums
G.Rude – guitar
Lucas Abreu - bass

1. Ready for the Apocalypse
2. No Rest for the Wicked
3. Prophet of Chaos
4. March to Hell
5. Blood Deliveryman
6. Fuck You All
7. Curse of the Serpent
8. Law of the strongests
9. Exuding Hate (feat. Pitter Cutrim)



Killery - “Ready For The Apocalypse” Official Album Teaser

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