New female voice in Symphony of Darkness

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Aurora Garofolo
  is the new female voice
 of the Roman symphonic metal band.


The singer takes part in the already structured line-up and will give voice, charisma and intensity to the development of the first full-length of the band.

The album is currently being processed in the studio and will be published at the beginning of 2020.
The CD will be the first of a trilogy inspired by the late 19th century Gothic tales, influenced by writers such as Edgar Allan Poe and Lovecraft.
The deep sound, based on evocative cinematographic orchestrations and on the intense female lyric voice, will be the key that will bring us into a journey through the darkest folds of the human soul.

Aurora Garofolo - lead voice 
Emanuele Porro "Phoenix legacy" - rhythm guitar
Mirko Filacchioni - lead guitar
Marco Patrocchi "Kram" - bass & second voice
Lamberto Giuliano "Drummer Furio" - drum




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