Our Forests Sing, The Debut Album Of The Legacy Of Silence

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Today is released the debut album of Turin's Legacy of Silence entitled "Our Forests Sing". The disc, released by Volcano Records & Promotion, is available in both physical and digital versions on all major streaming and online shopping platforms such as Spotify, iTunes and Amazon Music.

"Our Forests Sing" is an ambitious record work, personally edited by the band at every stage and in every detail of the record, from composition to production. It's a record from which emerges a strong attachment to the land and the Nordic mythology; from artwork to arrangements, from lyrics to costumes, the Legacy of Silence have proved to be young musicians and artists full of talent and enthusiasm, and have all the credentials to be able to find their place in the independent metal music scene.

To anticipate the release of the album, Legacy of Silence have released several quality content such as the lyric video of "Heresy" and the video of "Torment", in which between beautiful landscapes and spectacular costumes the band has launched a clear signal of seriousness, passion and dedication to their music.


Genre: Folk Metal, Viking Metal, Melodic Death Metal
Similar artists: Wintersun, Eluveitie, Amon Amarth

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Legacy of Silence - "Torment" Official Video

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