Rockers And Other Animals Becomes Press Service & Promotional Agency

Rockers And Other Animals, Press Service, Promotional Agency, Press Releases, Valeria Campagnale, Press Kit, Ernesto Cherici,  Sitcherici Studio.

Rockers And Other Animals becomes a promotion service for all bands that need a press office to promote the communication of news about live dates, the release of an album, songs and videos.

Rockers And Other Animals provides its expertise in the creation, management and dissemination of information to the media through:

* Writing Press Releases
*  Promotional Interviews Realization
* Press Kit Realization
* Diffusion of material to Webzine, Web-Radio
* Contacts with Labels Records
* Contracts support

The quality control service for contracts submitted to the bands will be carried out by the external collaborator Dr. Ernesto Cherici of Sitcherici Studio.

Rockers And Other Animals does not provide as booking service.

 For infos and prices:

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