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Ottawa hard rocking CeVILAIN and their new single "Better Angels" released on Friday April 12th along with a new music video.

CeVILAIN is a hard rock band that clearly stands out for the genre – they craft thunderous pieces that aspire to evoke positivity, unity, acceptance, and inclusion rather than solely expressing simple angst and discord. They channel their creative energies into captivating tracks whose impact is only surpassed by their energetic live performance and their ability to engage their audience.

Inspired by titans of the genre – Breaking Benjamin, Bring Me The Horizon, and Thrice – CeVILAIN is a band that will never be satisfied resting on their laurels. Building upon the success of their first EP – the independently produced and released “RISE” (2018) – the band is already back with brand new material that continues to forge ahead their heavy, melodic and driven sound.

This new EP, “As Above, So Below” will be the follow up to the 2018 EP Rise and the band expects that it will show a more mature sound that they have been developing:

“The new single, “Better Angels”, is a progressive step forward for the band in establishing our identity. The single further expresses and showcases our ability to deliver captivating pieces highlighted by exceptional vocalizations and instrumentation.”

The band continues with the meaning behind the song:

“The single is meant to highlight acceptance and growth. The heart of the song drives home the notion that it’s okay to ask for help, it’s okay to be vulnerable, and that you will come out of it stronger.”

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CeVILAIN  - “Better Angels” Offical Video

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