"My Master", the new Sidechain video

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From today is available the new single by Sidechain entitled "My Master", taken from the debut album of the band, soon to be released by Volcano Records & Promotion in a digital version on all major streaming platforms and online shopping as Spotify, iTunes and Amazon Music.

"My Master" is a succession of pressing and energetic riffs, is a song with an overwhelming sound and great impact. The arrangement is interesting and dynamic; the long instrumental introduction prepares with experience the explosive entrance of an aggressive and involving vocal melody, and all this leads to an airy and old-school chorus.

Everything is enriched by a simple and effective official video: few frills and energy to sell are the elements that make up the trademark of Sidechain. Not a bad start.

Genre: Alternative Rock
Similar artists: Tool, Alter Bridge, Alice in Chains

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Sidechain - “My Master” Official Video

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