Gav Jackson and his Sleazy Rock Entertainment. The scam against Valeria Campagnale and Tracy Grave

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The music industry is based on strict rules, the live one even more, the timing, the dates to be set, the places, the groups to choose both for large events and for dates in small clubs.
There is a great job behind a band, there are labels, managers, booking agencies and promoters, fine lines to be respected as honesty, trust and mutual respect and, those who work behind the scenes know it well, and then there are them, the musicians, the real protagonists of the evenings, who have nothing to think about but to go on stage and play.
Then there are the foxes, the promoters, or pseudo-promoters, who manage to ruin these delicate balances that are automatically created between the operators in the sector.

Unfortunately, I stumbled upon a character who deserves absolutely no respect from all the true professionals in the music industry.
As manager of Tracy Grave, I was contacted by Mr. Gav Jackson, of 'Sleazy Rock Entertainment', based in England.
Mr. Jackson suggested that we take part in this year's Download Festival, an European tour with Danzig, sponsored air travel and many other beautiful fairy tales...
Interested in the music of Tracy Grave, he should have come to Italy with a contract in hand to sign and to meet the band, all interesting, too bad that I anticipated to the name of the band 300.00 euros that I had to pay before the imaginary contract that, even to say, there was never.
Not content, he also reimbursed the expenses of the currency exchange that his bank had retained.

The weeks passed, not even the shadow of him, of the contract also, we asked for confirmations for the dates, to organize the movements of myself and the band. His answer? We were breathing down his neck and he had dried up... him!
Since the last his message to Tracy was: "I'll send you the money back", which never happened, of course.
He then blocked both me and Tracy so that no one could contact him further via Messagger or even see his Facebook profile. It's useless to keep contacting him by email, since at the only email address he gave us he never, and I repeat never, answered.

It's useless to start an international lawsuit, too many expenses between asseveration in court of the material in my possession, I travel to England and lawyer on the spot, I would spend more than what Mr. Gav Jackson has literally STOLEN from me until now.

I specify that the material in my possession and in the possession of Tracy Grave, are messages between us and Mr. Jackson, with receipts of my payments, so Gav if you're reading, know that I consider you a great scammer, a little good and a thief.
People like you deserve no respect, they ruin the live music scene, deluding musicians who should trust your words. You're a person who has to disappear from this scene. Surely you have no conscience because if you had at least one crumb, you would give the money back both to me and to all those groups who believed you.

To all the musicians: guys, keep your eyes open, don't give credit to this character and be careful whoever promises you the moon in the well without first getting you to sign a contract, always pay attention to the credibility of the people.

Valeria Campagnale

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