French Eclectic Metallers Abstract Minded Streamed Entire New Ep 'Seven' For Free On Bandcamp

 Metal, Abstract Minded, Streaming,  Ep, Seven, Free, Bandcamp

After two digital singles and months of hard work, French eclectic and abstract metallers Abstract Minded released a few weeks ago their debut EP called 'Seven' for limited release on Bandcamp with an official music video illustrating the title-track of the effort.

A 4 tracks EP available right now worldwide on the main legal platforms (iTunes, Spotify, Deezer...) and also up for full-streaming at the same location while the band is currently recordings new stuff for a digital single series coming soon.

Born around the Paris area in 2016 as an "abstract metal band" : "metal" for the violence, the energy, the brutality in their sound / "abstract" for the innovative vision of the songwriting, Abstract Minded wants to play borderless music.

From doom to world-music passing through jazz, funk or experimental djent/progressive metal, the recorded band its first demos between 2016 and 2017 before entering the studio and giving life to a first EP 'Seven', released during winter 2018/2019.
For fans of Periphery, Polyphia Tool, The Fall Of Troy, System Of A Down, Veil Of Maya.

 Metal, Abstract Minded, Streaming,  Ep, Seven, Free, Bandcamp


Abstract Minded - “Seven” Official Video

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