"Hated If", The New Alive's Video

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The new Alive's single with video "Hated If" is now available, extracted from the debut album of the band coming out for Volcano Records & Promotion on March 29th, in both physical and digital version on all major online purchasing and streaming platforms.

"Hated If" is a concentrate of old-school hard rock accompanied by a rather spicy video;
a wave of freshness and fun seasoned with a good dose of positive vibrations and in full respect of tradition. To put it briefly,  Alive have decided to let us breathe a bit of healthy rock 'n' roll, between catchy choruses, scratching chants and breathtaking Van Halen guitar solos. Not suitable for the weak of unless someone wants to end up in the same resuscitation unit in the video clip.


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Alive  - "Hated If" , Official Video

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