Kick-Ass Hard-Rockers Rattlesnake Released And Streamed New Ep 'Rock You All'

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It's the story of a "comeback". After being active in the 90's, Swiss hard-rockers from Geneva Rattlesnake relaunched their band a few years ago in the same Hard rock / Kick ass Rocknroll way and the aim to release some effort and hit the road to play a bunch of gigs.

Months... ok years later, the band shared a few weeks ago and for limited release (only for the fans) an EP called 'Rock You All' available worldwide right now for CD & digital editions on Bandcamp and the main legal platforms (iTunes, Deezer, Spotify, Google Play...)

Hard Rock, Rattlesnake, New Ep, Rock You All, Rockers And Other Animals, Rock News, Rock Magazine, Rock Webzine


 'Rock You All' tracklist
1- intro / Midnite Ride
2- Dog Without A Bone
3- Love With A Zombie
3- Wet And Ready
4- Rock You All


Cover illustration by Piero 'Tat-twin' Bockos, Pictures by Jacques Apotheloz, Jim and Indy. Artwork by Indy.

The original Rattlesnake travelled the roads from 1990 to 1994, and in 2012 Dylan (Drums) aged 17, convinced his father Raph, the original singer of the band, to revive the band and fly the flag of their motto : Kick Ass Rock’N’Roll.

From gig to gig the snake has gained in assurance and attracted new recruits into its fangs, Basti (bass) and Indy (guitar). Mixing original tracks from Rattlesnake era 1 and 2 with covers from bands such as Black Sabbath, ZZ Top, Angel City or the Starfighters, the band gained attention and followers thanks to their energetic live performances sweating Rock’N’Roll from every pore. The Bass player and the band went separate ways after the recording was completed for time management reasons, and he was replaced by a well-known bass player from the local Swiss and International scene, Bourreau (the henchman) also know as Bison by his friends (ex-Apocalypse and current bass player for Cosmosonic).

The time came to put all of this energy onto a CD and in September 2018 the band locked themselves into the Geneva Downtone studio with Thomas ‘Drop’ Betrisey (guitar player for Samael) to lay down the tracks for their new EP : 'Rock You All'.

The EP contains 5 tracks and with an introduction by long-time friend Ruyter Suys (Guitar player for Nashville Pussy), the EP delivers the goods with a powerful mixture of vintage tastes and modern sounds.

"The band has now turned the page on 2018 and is projecting into 2019, On The Road Again is our motto to share the good time Rock’N’Roll vibe".

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