At FIM 2019 Da Vinci's Spirit, Prog Music Experience

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Da Vinci's Spirit, Prog Music Experience Friday 17 May 2019


500 years after the death of Leonardo Da Vinci, the spirit of the genius with the white beard echoes in the Auditorum Testori in Piazza Città di Lombardia between atypical harmonic progressions and odd times.


Universal Totem Orchestra - FEM - Pneumatic Machine - Silver Key



On Friday 17th May 2019, starting at 8 p.m., the "FIM - Salone della Formazione e dell'Innovazione Musicale" will welcome the 2019 edition, giving to the public of Milan a musical experience as mysterious and enigmatic as the spirit of Progressive Rock.

On the prestigious stage of the Auditorium Testori in Palazzo Lombardia, four bands will pay homage to the genius of Leonardo: Universal Totem Orchestra, FEM, Macchina Pneumatica and Silver Key, who will perform live in a free concert.

"For this event we wanted to use unequivocally progressive rock bands - explains Verdiano Vera, director of the FIM - both to remember the origins of our event, which in the past has always hosted long concerts of rock music, and to pay tribute to the 500 years since the death of Leonardo Da Vinci using a musical genre that more than many others, for his experiments and his genius, recalls the spirit of Leonardo."



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