“We Are Not From Here”, The New Lyric Video By Towering Flowers

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Towering Flowers are now making available their new lyric video "We Are Not From Here", taken from the homonymous album soon to be released by Volcano Records & Promotion.
The song presents all the characteristic elements of psychedelic rock derived from Pinkfloydiana: dilated times, relaxing sound atmospheres, an enveloping sound, a simple and refined arrangement, slow and melodic guitar solos that gently accompany the vocal line.
The strength of this product is undoubtedly in the great synergy between music and images: the lyric video of "We Are Not From Here" skillfully recreates the same psychedelic atmospheres present in the music section of the song, it is almost as if the music came to life and manifested itself to the listener without veils.
The choice of the band not only to propose the title track of the record as a single to anticipate the release, but also to accompany this song with a lyric video, probably was not random, but indicates the willingness of the band to show more clearly the message it wants to convey to listeners through their music.

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Towering Flowers -  “We Are Not From Here”  Lyric Video

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