Finnish-Canadian rock band Forth releases their third single, a celebration of small venue rock, “On Top of the World”

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Forth’s third and final single before the release of their upcoming album “Captivity” shows the band’s true colours. “On Top of the World” is a rock ‘n roll ode to the life of the undiscovered, under-appreciated, small-town rocker. It’s a joyous anthem about one night’s epic performance in a rundown tavern filled with drunkards and hooligans. Jen Dan of American rock magazine Rebel Noise writes, “You just can’t help singing along to the chorus of the song, which bursts out with an anthemic buoyancy.

So join in the joyful chant!


Listen the single:





Forth’s first single from their upcoming album, the grunge-inspired “Black Angel”, debuted at #2 on Finnish national radio channel’s YLE Vegatoppen chart. Their follow up single, “Can’t Help Falling in Love” infused the Elvis classic with a powerful punk rock spirit.

“Captivity” will be Forth’s second studio album, after their debut album “Road Stories” was critically well received, generating 2 charting singles in Finland.

Forth is an international band and the rockers draw on diverse influences including Neil Young, Queen, Nirvana and Megadeth. Forth is fronted by singer-songwriter, Brian Forth from Toronto, currently living in Finland as a “love refugee”. Brian joins his Finnish band mates Tim Norrgrann (lead guitar), Mikael Söderbäck (bass) and Eric Von Hertzen (drums) in this high-octane rock quartet.

Preorder -link for Captivity CD:

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Forth album Captivity is due to release on March 1, 2019.




 Forth - “On Top of the World”  Official Video

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