M.A.D.: Power trio creates music inspired by tales of horror

M.A.D.: Power trio creates music inspired by tales of horror, rockers and other animals, rock news, rock zine

M.A.D., acronym for Manente / Alonzo / Du Bose, is a power trio with members from the United States and Brazil, currently debuting their first heavy metal self-titled album with songs inspired by traditional heavy metal and tales of horror.

As the name might suggest, most of the lyrics are inspired by stories of insane individuals, scientists and priests, but also go further and absorb other influences - such as the cosmic terror made famous by H. P. Lovecraft. All songs are packed with clever social criticism.

Most of the music you’ll hear is in the molds of classic heavy metal with a touch of progressive elements, but there is also space for twelve-tone piano compositions (Twelve Gates) and ambient tunes (Portals). Yemanja, song which tells the story of a brazilian exploring Louisiana, is a clever mixture between classic delta blues and a brazilian rhythm called forró.

With absolutely no compromises, you can tell all three multi-instrumentalists had a great time doing music for this album. Jon Du Bose establishes the foundations of the music playing bass and rhythm guitars, Jesus Alonzo records killer voices and contributes with the lead guitars and Matheus Manente deals with drums, the remaining lead guitars and all additional instrumentation.

The Manente / Alonzo / Du Bose self-titled album is now available on all other major virtual stores and streaming services.

After working together on various ocasions, Jon Du Bose (Fervent Send, Domestic Violence), Matheus Manente (Eden Seed, Heaven: Choir Metal) and Jesus Alonzo (Salem Rust, Espejismo) decided to record a heavy metal album together, with no compromises. The Manente / Alonzo / Du Bose project currently produces and releases music independently. The album was produced, mixed and mastered by Matheus Manente.

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